Work & Life Balance

Working adults juggle many responsibilities – jobs, bills, family, friends and more. Understanding how pursuing a college education fits into life can be overwhelming. By taking appropriate steps, however, working adults can achieve their collegiate goals and still have the time and energy to focus on and enjoy the other parts of their life.

  • Set Your Educational Goals – Like any other major life decision, choosing to pursue a college education should be planned and supported so that it can be successfully balanced with other responsibilities. To create a successful plan for a college education, you should begin by identifying your goals. These goals differ for many students and often include self-improvement, advancement in the workplace, higher salary or even a new job.
  • Develop Your Plan – completing a college education is a multifaceted responsibility. It involves going to class, managing financial obligations, studying and participating in activities over an extended period of time. Understanding what resources your current responsibilities require and what resources your new, collegiate responsibilities will require is key to developing a successful plan.
  • Set Up Your Support System – To successfully balance life and school, a support system is key. Align your family and friends to be ready to help you when needed. Look to your college for supporters as well. There are often resources available to help working adults balance school with life such as evening classes and weekend classes, child-care, rolling enrollment periods, online courses or satellite campuses.